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Tecno System spiral smoothbore medical pipes extrusion line

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Italian Tecno System is one of the leading brands in the development of lines for thermoplastic profiles, involved in the manufacturing of customized turnkey systems such as extrusion lines complete with molds and integrated on-line or off-line solutions that are very appreciated in both domestic and international markets. The company offers its customers a high level of experience, specific and consolidated know-how and constant R&D efforts combined with the professionalism of high-skilled team, in order to give clients the smartest solutions possible coupled with the top quality standard for after-sale services.

A crucial business for the company is represented today by the manufacturing of complete extrusion lines for medical tubes and medical pipes (single or multi-layer and radiopaco) exploited in pharmaceutical and hospital industries: thanks to constant efforts in quality control and rigid standards about internal and external processes, in facts, our plants result totally conform to any national and international regulation about the matter.

On this regard, it must be specified that Tecno System medical extrusion lines are perfectly suitable also for smoothbore tubes with rigid or semi-rigid spiral and also combining different polymers.
These lines are powered by two extruders (TM45-25D and TM60-25D series) with a 15” digital touch-screen and are equipped with top quality screws appositively designed for medical materials like.

A 1.2316 steel medical extrusion die-head ensures high quality standards for this type of thermoplastic tubing extrusion and a spindle trolley CM 50 series can be handled by operators to easily move dies with diameters from 12 to 50 mm.
A perfect internal calibration by spindle, in the downstream units, is guaranteed by calibrating systems located in a special stainless steel water tank with closed loop water circuit to prevent any type of contamination. Water can be maintained constantly cooled by a dedicated chiller that can be installed as optional on the line side and a dedicated tube drying system allows to automatically dry the pipes from the water in excess after the cooling processes.

Obviously, all the lines are totally customizable by the customers in order to answer in the best tailored way to their needs. Potential options about the line configuration are, for example, the possibility to implement double hopper loaders, different screws for different thermoplastic materials as well as maximum levels of customization for what concern the unloading bench.
Another very interesting plug-in appreciated by current clients is represented by the so-called GF-Connect system for remote assistance which enable to reduce waste of time and costs connected to assistance services.

Finally, every Tecno System’s extrusion line can be suited to the 4.0 industry standards with an appropriate OPC-UA communication protocol to increase exponentially the potential opportunities through digitization of the processes: real-time information, remote control of the line and hyperconnectivity between machineries themselves are some examples among the practical implications of this innovative approach.

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