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RODOLFO COMERIO and TEKNI-PLEX GALLAZZI: the winning pair gets stronger

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Rodolfo comerio, TEKNI-PLEX GALLAZZI

It was on March 21st 2020, in the midst of a pandemic emergency that had pushed Italy into its first lockdown, when TEKNI-PLEX GALLAZZI was put into serious difficulty by a fire that accidentally broke out on one of the three calendering lines at the company’s headquarter in Gallarate and then rapidly spread in the entire production site.

GALLAZZI, a historic italian company founded in 1973 and acquired in 2015 by the TEKNIPLEX Group, is specialised and globally dedicated to the production of PVC sheet and film for pharmaceutical applications (blisters), manufactured in its Tradate plant, and films for adhesive tapes, manufactured in its Gallarate plant.

The lombard company has immediately faced the emergency by relying on a partner of absolute reliability: RODOLFO COMERIO Srl, a Lombard company founded in 1878 which boasts a very long history and undisputed experience in the design and manufacturing of calendering plants for the production of PVC and rubber films that continue to be the pride of the major world producers.

The recovery and total revamping of one of the three calendering lines involved in the fire began immediately, and in record time, on July 23rd 2020, a fully reconditioned line, upgraded with the latest innovative technologies of the lombard manufacturer, left the RODOLFO COMERIO premises in Solbiate Olona, to reach the TEKNI-PLEX GALLAZZI production site in Gallarate, which was also completely renovated.

That was the first step towards a rebirth that has now seen, just over 12 months after the restart of the first line, the start-up of the second calendering line of even greater dimensions, totally designed and manufactured from scratch by RODOLFO COMERIO, equipped with all the most innovative and high-performance solutions developed by the company in its ongoing R&D activity.

A goal that seemed unthinkable in such a short period of time and with all the difficulties that many Italian companies had to deal with during this period, but which was successfully achieved thanks to the strong motivation and close cooperation that the two companies, led by two prominent figures from the Lombardy business community, created to get quickly the production back on track at TEKNI-PLEX GALLAZZI.

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