How plastic industry is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic

30 April 2020
How plastic industry is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic

In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, the plastic industry has come together as one and is fighting back with innovative product development and new technologies

Major OEMs are coming up with protective gears and equipment to help the first responders and patients. Companies are also providing their 3D printing capacity to develop PPEs and other equipment. From developing new products to sending required equipment as donations, companies have proven to be a major support.
Let’s explore the recently developed products and innovations that are helping in the fight of humanity against COVID-19:

Negri Bossi produces masks to combat COVID-19

Since Thursday 9 April 2020 the company, located in Cologno Monzese (Milan), has been using two injection machines to produce masks to counter the spread of COVID‐19, the most serious pandemic of this beginning of the century.

The idea started from the Moulding Manager, Mr. Ruggero Galbusera and the Operations Director, Mr. Maurizio Seregni, already engaged in social work; Mr. Seregni served for 20 years as a White Cross volunteer.

Biesse Group donates 100.000 Euro to San Salvatore Hospital and launches a fundraising campaign

The Italian company Biesse Group continues to provide tangible support for Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord as it battles the coronavirus.

The announcement of a €100,000 donation – together with other contributions from local businesses coordinated by Confindustria Pesaro Urbino – will allow Ospedale San Salvatore to purchase control units with sensors for vital parameters, precious technology for managing the most critical patients. Now the Group is launching a new effort: “We are acting to coordinate a new fundraising campaign that will mobilise our business network”.

Reifenhäuser coronavirusReifenhäuser Reicofil converts its own meltblown test lines

The German machinery and plant manufacturer Reifenhäuser Reicofil has temporarily converted two of its test plants due to the corona pandemic: The lines installed in the nonwovens technology center, which are otherwise exclusively used for research and development as well as customer trials, have been producing meltblown material for the production of urgently needed face masks: the production is for up to one million face masks daily.Until further notice, the meltblown lines will be operated in 4-shift operation 24/7. The daily output is sufficient for up to one million face masks.

Clariant starts production of disinfectant

The specialty chemical company announced it has started monthly production of 2 million liters of disinfectant at its facilities in Gendorf, Germany. This disinfectant is then directly or via repacking partners provided to regional hospitals and other vital institutions in Bavaria. Clariant is able to use its available infrastructure to blend the necessary ingredients into disinfectant at a large scale. This allows the company to fulfill close to two-thirds of the monthly target demand of the Bavarian State, which aims for a total of 10 million liters of disinfectants to be produced over the next three months.

Perstorp converts production to solve Swedish national disinfection crisis

Perstorp, a global leader in the specialty chemicals market, has started the large-scale production of hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant for the Swedish healthcare sector – at cost price. With a capacity of over 2 million liters a month, the aim is to solve the current lack of disinfectants at a national level.


RadiciGroup to deliver personal protective equipment for doctors and healthcare workers

Material for hospital PPE made and approved in record time First 5,000 gowns to be donated to Papa Giovanni XIII hospital.
Gowns, caps and shoe covers to protect doctors, nurses and healthcare workers battling day in and day out against the coronavirus. The RadiciGroup business area specializing in the production of high-performance nonwovens has brought to life a project that demonstrates the flexibility of the people in the Province of Bergamo and their capability to stand up to complex challenges.

3D printing: emergency mask for hospital ventilators

The Italian company Isinnova created Charlotte valve, a new component was then designed to guarantee the connection to the ventilator. Isinnova has been contacted by a former head physician of the Gardone Valtrompia Hospital, Dr. Renato Favero, who’ve got in touch with Isinnova through a doctor from the Chiari Hospital, the health facility for which we were manufacturing the emergency valves with 3D printing process. Doctor Favero shared with us an idea to fix the possible shortage of hospital C-PAP masks for sub-intensive therapy, which is emerging as a concrete problem linked to the spread of Covid-19: it’s the construction of an emergency ventilator mask, realized by adjusting a snorkeling mask already available on the market.

Lamborghini produces PC-based face shields and face masks

Automobili Lamborghini has announced that it is reconverting some departments of its production plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese in order to produce surgical masks and protective medical shields for the Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna, which is involved in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, in collaboration with the University of Bologna. One thousand masks a day will be made in the Upholstery Department, the department that produces the interiors and customizations for Lamborghini cars. At the same time, 200 protective medical shields in polycarbonate a day will be made inside the composites production plant and at the Research and Development department with the use of 3D printers.

Boeing develops face shields using Solvay’s high-performance thermoplastic film

Solvay is supplying high-performance, medical-grade transparent film to Boeing for its production of face shields. Boeing approached Solvay due to its experience in the use of advanced composite and adhesive materials on multiple commercial and defense programs. Manufactured by Solvay’s Ajedium™ Films business, the thermoplastic film will be used by Boeing in the production of thousands of face shields critically needed by hospitals and medical workers in the U.S. to protect them from the COVID-19 virus. The film will be manufactured using Solvay’s medical-grade Radel® PPSU or Udel® PSU, two transparent specialty polymers widely used for medical devices because of their ability to be sterilized and withstand aggressive disinfectants.

SABIC’s Lexan Clniwall AC6200 sheet provides anti-bacterial, hygienic and touchable wall cladding solutions

SABIC has launched a non-chlorinated and non-brominated opaque sheet, LEXAN CLINIWALL AC6200. The sheet aims to provide a hygienic, sanitary solution for interior surfaces to several industries around the world.
Typical industries for the solution include hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly, primary care centers, sterile rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, industrial kitchens, storage rooms and refrigeration facilities, schools, restrooms, airports, bus stops, train stations and sports centers.

LANXESS donates one million liters of disinfectant solution

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is donating ten metric tons of its highly effective disinfectant Rely+On Virkon to hospitals, authorities and public institutions in 13 countries around the world. The powder disinfectant is diluted with water on site and is sufficient for one million liters of disinfectant solution. It can be used to disinfect hard surfaces and equipment, for example in hospitals.


Frames and straps for COVID 19 face shield from MACK manufactured on machines from Wittmann Battenfeld

The MACK company, based in Altenmarkt on the river Triesting, Lower Austria, has been supplying high-grade plastic parts and assemblies to a wide range of different industries for decades. One of the company’s latest products is a COVID 19 face shield which protects the eyes, nose and mouth. Injection molding machines from Wittmann Battenfeld are used to make the frames and straps for this product.

BergaMASK: the protective mask Made in Italy

Stil Gomma of Castelli Calepio (BG, Italy) has developed a permanent mask in self-sterilizing medical silicone in microwave with a disposable TNT filter also sterilizable by usual tools in use (boiling water / other)
Stil Gomma, thanks also to the participation of some supplier companies (Manzoni SMP, Pelletterie2F, DIGI molds, Italian Form), will be in production next week and will donate 10.000 masks and 300.000 filters to the National Alpine Association in the territory between Bergamo and Brescia for a market value of € 100.000.

Covestro provides aid in Coronavirus crisis

Covestro is strengthening its commitment to containing the global coronavirus pandemic with in-kind and money donations. Covestro provides raw materials for the production of products such as medial devices, safety goggles for medical staff and hospital mattresses. These are supplied to health and care facilities in the vicinity of the plants in numerous countries.

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