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CHINAPLAS Full of Business Opportunities in the Fairground

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The largest ever CHINAPLAS was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, PR China on April 20. The show results were impressively indicating a great surge with 3,905 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions around the world. The show occupied 380,000sqm and recorded an attendance of 248,222 visitors from 149 countries and regions. 28,429 visitors came from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan region and overseas, accounting for 11.45% of the total. Compared with the 2019 Guangzhou Exhibition, the total number of visitors increased by 51.99%, and compared with the 2021 Shenzhen Exhibition, it increased by 63.16%.

 “The results of the exhibition exceeded expectations in terms of popularity, innovation level of exhibits, and the number and quality of visitors. The record high number of visitors reached about 250,000, including overseas visitors who had not attended the show for three years due to travel restrictions. Comparing with CHINPALAS held in 2021, the number of overseas visitors has surged considerably this year, injecting infinite vitality into the exhibition,” said Ms. Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., the organizer of CHINAPLAS. “The success can beattributed to the right timing, location and participants. The exhibition unleashed enthusiasm and strong demand for face-to-face communication between the upstream and downstream of the industry, with robust purchasing power from both local and overseas buyers. They have been actively placing purchase orders for materials and machinery. An exhibitor even claimed that it has received the largest amount of order in the past 30 years at the exhibition. The satisfaction on the exhibition of both exhibitors and visitors has soared. The plastics and rubber industries are showing more signs of recovery and the confidence of enterprises in the market has increased, creating a vibrant and promising outlook.”

The exhibition halls were bustling with hundred thousands of visitors. Exhibitors showcased their innovative products and technologies. On this stage for global plastics and rubber products, participants could not only see well-known “international superstars”, but also countless rising stars. There were cutting-edge and pioneering technologies, as well as solutions with high cost-effectiveness.

The concept of low-carbon and environmental protection was prevailing, while bioplastics were under the spotlight. Innovative applications of biodegradable plastics and post-consumer recycled plastics were shining in various sectors.

At the exhibition, packaging industry was seeing strong momentum for solutions, such as single-material high-barrier films, easy-to-peel films and prefabricated vegetable packaging. New energy is advancing rapidly, and the abundance of solutions utilizing POM, POE, PA, and other materials for photovoltaics, wind power, hydrogen energy, and other clean energy sources have caught visitors’ attention. Lightweight and smart vehicles have become the trend of automotive industry, and visitors could find many innovative material and technology solutions for the manufacturing ofpower batteries, high-voltage connectors, charging piles, charging guns, fast-charging cables, and smart cabins. Noise reduction, spray-free, flame retardant, low dielectric, antibacterial and easy-to-clean materials were expected to be widely used in the electric and electronic fields. In-mold injection molding IMR, IML, IME and other processes have become more and more popular. Since digitalization is the major development direction of plastics and rubber industries, all-electric injection molding machines, multi-layer thick-walled lens injection molding solutions, collaborative robots, ultra-high-speed PVC pipe extrusion production lines, automated flexible production, factory IoT solutions, smart factory logistics, warehousing systems, 3D printing, etc., were showcased in the machinery halls to demonstrate the digital trends of plastics and rubber technologies. Plastics and rubber are penetrating into downstream application industries such as electronics, automotive, packaging, building materials, medical, sports and leisure, for the betterment of our living.

The concurrent events held during the exhibition were brilliant. Events such as “SciXplore Forum“, “PRSI – Shining Stars in Plastics & Rubber Industries“, “Tech Talk“, “CHINAPLAS X CPRJ Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase“, “Design x Innovation” , “Empowering Product Quality with Advanced Molding & Innovative Technology” Symposium“, “Applications in Focus “, “Market Insights Hub“, “Development Day for Campus Elites” talent matching activities, were well received with high attendance. Each event had its unique features and distinctive themes, closely related to the industrial market trends and hot topics, gathering elites from all industries to discuss the development of the industry. Several business matching events were also organized during the exhibition.

CHINAPLAS 2023 has launched a vast array of innovative solutions to support smart, efficient, cost-effective, and low-carbon initiatives, in line with industry demands including but not limited to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce costs. Industry elites have signed contracts and discussed collaborations at the fairground, engaging in face-to-face communication, exploring and enhancing skills, unleashing potentials, broadening horizons, sparking inspirations, and expanding networks and resources. Both exhibitors and visitors expressed their satisfaction and fruitful experience at this year’s exhibition.

The reputed exhibition has concluded with applauses. The next exhibition will return to the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China, on April 23-26, 2024.

For those who missed or wanted to replay any exciting moments of the exhibition, please scan the below QR code of CHINAPLAS Live to have a virtual exhibition tour now.


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